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Unit 13: Most Important Concepts and Lessons Learned

Principles of a Good Digital Collection In Unit one, we were introduced to the Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections, (2007) a document created initially by a “A Digital Library Forum convened by the IMLS and working in … Continue reading

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IRLS Unit 12: Virtualization and Pedagogy

This week we were asked to discus whether or not we would like pre-configured virtual machines to work with  instead of building our own virtual machine to work with different repositories. I googled the words “virtual machine and pedagogy” and … Continue reading

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IRLS 675 Unit 11: Repository Homesites

This week we were asked to discuss our impressions of the home websites such as of the repositories we have looked at so far. I decided to use some principles for good navigation and other  user- friendly principles from … Continue reading

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IRLS 675 UNIT 10: Open Access Harvesting Services

Open Access Harvesting: Service Providers Review My task this week is to review the list of service providers at and also and examine three service providers. I am primarily interested in what features could be used for a … Continue reading

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