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Meaning Making

“A place-name, then is a word, or word-complex, that withing one particular community– no matter whether great or small, but of a certain stability-instantly evokes the idea of one particular place through an association of contiguity.” (Olsen, 1928) What happens … Continue reading

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Unit 13: Most Important Concepts and Lessons Learned

Principles of a Good Digital Collection In Unit one, we were introduced to the Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections, (2007) a document created initially by a “A Digital Library Forum convened by the IMLS and working in … Continue reading

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IRLS Unit 12: Virtualization and Pedagogy

This week we were asked to discus whether or not we would like pre-configured virtual machines to work with  instead of building our own virtual machine to work with different repositories. I googled the words “virtual machine and pedagogy” and … Continue reading

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IRLS 675 Unit 11: Repository Homesites

This week we were asked to discuss our impressions of the home websites such as of the repositories we have looked at so far. I decided to use some principles for good navigation and other  user- friendly principles from … Continue reading

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IRLS 675 UNIT 10: Open Access Harvesting Services

Open Access Harvesting: Service Providers Review My task this week is to review the list of service providers at and also and examine three service providers. I am primarily interested in what features could be used for a … Continue reading

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IRLS 675 Unit 9: Subject Listings, Keywords, Tags, Categories and Facets.

My collection is a collection of Physics and Astronomy material that is composed of  papers and research data that students and faculty of the Physics department in my college will be using for their work. They will be both uploading … Continue reading

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IRLS675 Unit 8: DSpace, Drupal, and Eprints Compared

Eprints Installation Compared to Drupal and DSpace A number of ways to install Eprints 3 are listed on the website. The class used the install Eprints 3 via apt with Debian Linux using an Ubuntu server. See The … Continue reading

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