IRLS 675 Unit 5: Drupal Modules

Drupal for Dummies

Drupal for Dummies (Photo credit: rport)

This week I configured Drupal 7 and installed fields from my application profile. I have worked with Drupal before but I have never used or configured Drupal for a digital collection. For instance, I have used the Views module before but not as a major tool in creating a digital collection. I have always been impressed with the flexibility  of Views even the module is not the easiest to work with.

Organizing Material
However, as I am designing a collection of Physics material for students and researchers at my institution, I thought it would be a good idea to have a way for people to organize their own material in the collection. Could they, for instance, bookmark material that they are interested in?

Bookmarks and the Flag Module
After researching some option on the website, I discovered the Flag module ( which integrates with the Views module. I had no problems installing and enabling the Flags module. The Flag module has a number of ways that it can “flag” content. Some uses include bookmarks and listing favorite documentation. Each user can flag an individual item and each user can have their own favorites or bookmarks. For more on the Flags module see and the page at

When I installed the Flags module I expected the Bookmark This link to appear at the end of my Physics content type article. However, this did not happen. To enable bookmarks I had to go to Structure–>Flag  and then selected the bookmark flag. The bookmarks flag was already created but had to be configured for my collection. I had to scroll down to Bundles and under Bundles, I had to select the content type which is the Physics content type. This worked and when I came back to view some of my Physics items, the bookmark link appeared at the bottom. I also had a bookmarks tab which I could go to see some of my bookmarks. As the Flag module integrates with the Views module, the bookmarks tab contains a view which can be edited. See for a screenshot of Bundles.

Favorites and the Flag Module
Next, I tried to configure a flag called favorites which could mark a user’s chosen Physics items as favorites and produce a list of these favorites as a tab on the user’s page. I had to install the Views Flag Refresh module for this project. This website has a list of instructions for creating the favorites flag which I used and will be helpful in creating other types of Flags.

The favorites flag needs a view so that the user can see their favorites. The filter “published” should be used with this View as should the relation to Flags in the Views menu. The favorites flag will be specific to different users if  you choose the user:id option when you configure Views.

See a video on Favorite Documentation pages at

I have to configure my favorites View correctly for different users as it is currently not working correctly and I am getting every user’s favorites under the favorites tab. I will need to look at the Views configuration and may be able to solve the problem by investigating the bookmarks view which is also customized for different users.

Useful Websites

For more on the Flags module see;

On using Drupal for a Virtual Research Environment see;

This website deals with Drupal 6 but has excellent ideas that could be implemented in Drupal 7. See the discussion on Taxonomy and vocabulary.

For a Bookmark Organizer Module see;

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