IRLS 675 Unit 3: Technical Assignments

screenshot of TurnKey Linux Drupal appliance

screenshot of TurnKey Linux Drupal appliance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Assessing Technical Assignments
For Unit three we need to access the pace of the tech assignments so far in the IRLS 675 course. As I am now familiar with the Linux command interface, I do not have to spend as much time trying to understand the commands. The command cd, for instance,  means change directory and is a command that is used often in many of the installations that we are configuring so my cognitive load or cognitive processing trying to understand Linux is not as overwhelmed.

Two Technical Issues
However, this does not minimize technical issues. I try to get my technical assignments done early in the class week so that I can have time to figure out any issues. This week, for Unit Three, I had two issues. My first issue was trying to configure the Apache file so that I could restart Apache and the second was trying to get past the Drupal requirements error page so that I could finally install Drupal.

I got a Directory Closed issue when I tried to configure the Apache file.
First I wrote <Directory /var/www/drupal>AllowOverride all<Directory> in the configuration file. The above was all on one line.Then after examining the configuration file I noticed the text on separate lines so I wrote on three separate lines.

<Directory /var/www/drupal>
AllowOverride all
Once I rearranged the syntax, everything worked. However, this could have been a simple typo such as /varw Instead of /var Syntax is important!

Drupal Requirements
The other issue I had was with Drupal requirements when I began to install Drupal. I got a message stating that Drupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list. The list contained the  name .gd  I thought that I had run this particular install by using
$ sudo aptitude install php5-gd
However, I kept getting an error message failed to fetch from a ubnutu website even though I pinged Wikipedia successfully. My pinging of Wikipedia indicated that there were no connectivity issues with my machine.

I posted in the Activity area in the online forum but I also noticed another student had posted about the same .gd problem and the failure of apache to restart. This student ran the aptitude update and install again using the following commands
$ sudo aptitude update
$ sudo aptitude upgrade

so I thought that it would be a good idea to do this. I reasoned that I may not have downloaded and installed the correct files when I first tried to run the update and install.  The second update and install process was much slower than the first install and update and many more packets of software were installed. I am working with a host computer that has a wireless connection to the Internet so the first update/install procedure may not have downloaded all that need to be downloaded. The install php5-gd command worked this time without giving me a Failed to Fetch message and apache restarted successfully. I was also able to complete the Drupal 7 installation as I could now get past the requirements error page in Drupal.

Troubleshooting Pace
It is much easier to troubleshoot as I now have some experience of Linux. However, this does not mean that technical assignments can be completed in less time especially  when there are unexpected technical issues. It would be a good idea to build in some time for troubleshooting into the assignments pace for IRLS 675.

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