Unit 1 and Ubuntu Resources

Screenshot of the Welcome screen of Ubuntu Des...

Screenshot of the Welcome screen of Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 CD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I looked at the Absolute Beginner’s Forum on the Ubuntu forum’s website. Ubuntu is the Linux distribution that I am going to be using in the course.

I looked at the New User Questions thread and found that user A  reported that their laptop had been setup to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8. However, the user was having some problems trying to dual-boot and ended up installing Ubuntu over Windows 8. One of the other issues A had was trying to access a Windows machine from Ubuntu. The user also asked a general question about Linux in the corporate world.

User B in reply to A’s question on Linux in the corporate world. provided an interesting “history” of Linux stating that “Windows was born for non-tech people to have pretty pictures on a monitor.” However, B does provide some great online resources for learning Linux. B suggests that new users check out Debian/Ubuntu documentation, FreeBSD documentation, YouTube videos, and other resources. Specifically, B mentions the online podcasting services of Jupiter Broadcasting at http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/ (Linux Action Show and TechSNAP) and TWiT at http://twit.tv/

Another user C posted a link to a Ubuntu manual http://ubuntu-manual.org/  which may also be a useful resource as I continue my Linux adventure. However, the manual  is defaulted to Unbuntu 13.04, a different version than we are using in our class. Investigating further, I found that there is also a manual for Ubuntu 12.04 which is the version being used in our class. The 12.04 Getting Started with Ubuntu version is available for free at http://files.ubuntu-manual.org/manuals/getting-started-with-ubuntu/12.04/en_US/screen/Getting%20Started%20with%20Ubuntu%2012.04.pdf

I thought the thread would include some information about working with Windows 8. A did not get too many specific answers to the dual boot issue but was pointed to resources that could be used to learn more about Ubuntu Linux. These resources could also be useful for my course.

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